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Toyota Motor Corporation
Founded 1937
Founder Kiichiro Toyoda
Type Public
Industry Automotive, robotics, financial services
Headquarters Toyota, Aichi, Japan
Website Japanese English


Toyota Jidōsha Kabushiki Kaisha

Toyota Motor Corporation

History summary

Toyota began under the leadership of Kiichiro Toyoda. In 1930 His father, on his deathbed advised Kiichiro to go into the motor car industries instead of continuing with the loom factory that his father owned. He began making preparations during that year, completely updating machinary and adding in conveyor belt assembly. He found two aspiring engineers within the factory and gave them, in addition to their loom factory work, the job of disecting a car. By 1931 the first test run of engines began by strapping them to bicycles. By the end of 1933 Toyoda finally built a separate factory for automobile manufacturing. In 1935 his first prototype vehicle, the A1 was built. Toyoda made sure the parts were completely exchangable with the American ones of the time. As soon as the Automobile Industries Act was passed in 1936 the company signed up. The division soon took on a life of its own, becoming independent of the loom works under the name Toyota in 1937 and expanding its territory to include a couple research centers and factories by 1940. At this time Toyota had manage to completely domesticate all assembly of the cars. WW2 wrecked much of what Toyota was and, due to American occupation, could no longer count on the government to protect the industry. To compete directly with American cars would be a difficult task and so Toyota decided to focus on small cars as opposed to the medium and large imports. Even though this seemed the route to success 1949 pitched a curveball. The economy was still in its recovery stage and inflation was rampant. This coupled with a labor strike nearly bankrupted the company. Its resolution in 1950 also brought Toyoda’s resignation. In an effort to bring the company back the competition was analyzed and Toyota made its focus its production system. The facilities received the latest technologies and the rewards began to show. Throughout the 60’s the company expanded and kept its eyes on trade. In 1984 Toyota went into a joint venture with General Motors to found New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. and start its American venture. Until the 90s Toyota built and solidified its base throughout the world. A recession hit the Japanese economy and for four years, 91-94, Toyota’s net income would shrink. In 1995 Toyota's New Global Business Plan began. It set clear goals for the company and strove to build a strong local base around their investments to cut down on shipping costs. The plan worked well for Toyota and boosted it to the rank of second largest car manufacturer in the world. Today Toyota boasts net sales of 11,571.8 billion yen (April 2006-May 2007) and 52 overseas manufacturing companies.

Sources: Corporate web page Japanese English

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    42111 Automobile and Other Motor Vehicle Wholesalers
    332311 Prefabricated Metal Building and Component Manufacturing; 336111 Automobile Manufacturing
    336112 Light Truck and Utility Vehicle Manufacturing
    33612 Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturing
    336211 Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing
    336312 Gasoline Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing
    336322 Other Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
    33633 Motor Vehicle Steering and Suspension Components (Except Spring) Manufacturing
    33634 Motor Vehicle Brake System Manufacturing
    33635 Motor Vehicle Transmission and Power Train Parts Manufacturing
    336399 All Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing (pt)


トヨタ自動車工業 / Toyota Jidosha Kogyo

トヨタ自動車販売 / Toyota Jidosha Hanbai

トヨタ自動車 / Toyota Jidosha

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トヨタ博物館 / Toyota Hakubutsukan

Other Histories History


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Affiliates, North America

Bodine Aluminum, Inc (Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A)

Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc. (CAPTIN)

New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) (Fremont, California, U.S.A.) established in 1984

Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. (SIA)

TABC, Inc.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Alabama, Inc. (TMMAL)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (TMMC)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. (TMMK) (Georgetown, Kentucky, U.S.A.)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc. (TMMI)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, Inc. (TMMTX)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia, Inc. (TMMWV)