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Bridgestone Corporation
Founded 1931
Founder Shojiro Ishibashi
Type Public
Industry Automotive and truck parts
Headquarters Kyobashi, Tokyo, Japan
Website Japanese English


Kabushiki Kaisha Burijisuton [Burijisutontaiya Kabushiki Gaisha]

Bridgestone Corporation

(Link to:ブリヂストン美術館)


    326211 - Tire Manufacturing (except Retreading)
    314992 - Tire Cord and Tire Fabric Mills
    326220 - Rubber and Plastics Hoses and Belting Manufacturing
    326291 - Rubber Product Manufacturing for Mechanical Use
    326299 - All Other Rubber Product Manufacturing
    332111 - Iron and Steel Forging
    336399 - All Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
    551112 - Offices of Other Holding Companies


  • 人と夢を自転車に乗せて : ブリヂストンサイクルの50年 1999 OCLC: #49419756
  • 創立30周年 : 会社概況 1961 (No record in OCLC)

Other Histories

回想記 1970 (S 45) [OCLC: #25002657]


  • NDL OPAC- National Diet Library Online Public Access Catalog (国立国会図書館蔵書検索・申込システム)

Affiliates, North America

BFS Diversified Products (Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A.)

BFS Retail & Commercial Operations, LLC (Bloomingdale, IL U.S.A.)

Bridgestone Americas Holding, Inc. (Nashville, TN, U.S.A.)

Bridgestone Firestone Canada, Inc. (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada U.S.A.)

Bridgestone Firestone de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (COL. Anzures, Del M. Hidalgo, Mexico D.F. Mexico)

Bridgestone Firestone Information Services (Akron, Summit County, OH, U.S.A.)

Bridgestone Firestone Manufacturing Operations (Nashville, TN, U.S.A.)

Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC (BFNT) (Nashville, TN, U.S.A.)

Bridgestone Firestone Off Road Tire Group (Nashville, TN, U.S.A.)

Bridgestone Firestone Original Equipment Group (Novi, MI, U.S.A.)

Bridgestone Firestone Research Group (Akron, Summit County, OH, U.S.A.)

Bridgestone Firestone Technology Company (Akron, Summit County, OH, U.S.A.)

Bridgestone Firestone Truck and Bus Tire Group (Nashville, TN, U.S.A.)

Bridgestone Industrial Products America, Inc. (Nashville, TN U.S.A.)

Bridgestone Metalpha U.S.A., Inc. (Clarksville, TN, U.S.A.)

Credit First National Association (Brook Park, Cuyahoga County, OH)

Firestone Agricultural Tire Company(Des Moines, IA, U.S.A.)

Firestone Building Products Company (Carmel, IN, U.S.A.)

Firestone Fibers and Textiles (Kings Mountain, NC U.S.A.)

Firestone Industrial Products Company (Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A.)

Firestone Natural Rubber Company (Akron, Summit County, OH 44319

Firestone Polymers, LLC (Akron, Summit County, OH, U.S.A.)

Firestone Tube Company (Russellville, AR U.S.A.)


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