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Yokohama Rubber Company, Limited
Founded 1917
Type Public
Industry Manufacturing
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Website Japanese English


Yokohama Gomu Kabushiki Gaisha

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Yokohama Rubber Company was a joint venture between Yokohama Cable Manufacturing Company and BF Goodrich in 1917. The company developed the first cord tires sold in Japan and these quickly over their weaker canvas competitors. It would move on to produce such items as transmission belts, hoses and other rubber products before WW2. In 1935 it began supplying Toyota Motor Co and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. with its products. Before the war it held patents in both Japan and the United States of America on an oil-loading hose and a break hose. It even got to developed tires specifically for the emperor's car. During the war it ventured into the aircraft industry supplying the military with its rubber products. Afterwards the company didn't suffer to the extent of many others because of the demand for vehicular and industrial components. The first USA branch was established in 1969. It soon became one of the top four tire suppliers among Bridgestone, Goodyear and Michelin during the late 1980s. The company is noted for the advances in technology that it contributed throughout its growth such as an electric device that rids helicopter blades of ice. Currently the company has net sales of 497,396 million yen as of March 31, 2007.


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Affiliates, North America

GTY Tire Company, Head Office (Charlotte, NC, USA)

GTY Tire Company, Plant (Mount Vernon, IL, USA)

Yokohama Corporation of America (Fullerton, CA)

Yokohama Corporation of North America (Salem, VA, USA)

Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc., Central Regional Office and Distribution Center (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc., Easter Regional Office and Distribution Center (Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada)

Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc., Head Office (Coquitlam, B.C., Canada)

Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc., Western Regional Office and Distribution Center (Coquitlam, B.C., Canada)

Yokohama Tire Corporation, Columbus DC (Groveport, Ohio, USA)

Yokohama Tire Corporation, Detroit Office (Farmington Hills, MI, USA)

Yokohama Tire Corporation, Eastern RDC (Louisville, KY, USA)

Yokohama Tire Corporation, Headquarters and Western RDC (Fullerton, CA, USA) established in 1969

Yokohama Tire Corporation, Plant (Salem, VA, USA)

Yokohama Tire Corporation, Southern RDC (Auburn, GA, USA)